family portraitsFAMILES

Your outfits should blend. As an guide – navy, hunter green and burgundy photograph well. Dark colored clothing recedes and therefore makes you look smaller. Light colored clothing can make you look larger. If the family is all wearing blue, it is best if the lady wears the dark color and the man the lighter shade. Ladies, beware of khaki colored pants with a dark top. Wearing solid colored clothing is best. If you wear a pattern, be sure it is understated. After all, we are creating portraits of you, not your clothes.

For the Women:
Makeup – Wear the makeup you normally wear, no stage make up. We photograph for clarity so be sure all makeup is applied as you like it. Please NO bronzer – it makes the face look like you have really oily skin. Hair – Plan your hair styles in an orderly manner. For example – you may start with styled hair, then add a barrette, then a pony tail and finally a hat. If you color your hair, be sure there are no roots showing. Remember your brush!

For the Men:
Hair – Trim your hair at least one week prior to your session. A trim closer to your session may reveal an un-tanned neck and forehead. If you color your hair, be sure there are no roots showing. Facial Hair – Plan when to shave. Freshly shaved red skin will show and so will 5 o’clock shadows.