Good Night Moon

High ISO, slow shutter speed, wide open F-stop, all manual settings along with with a sturdy wall to rest on and a steady camera hold. After that a little post editing in Photoshop. All of this we used to do with film using multiple exposures on film sandwiched together in the darkroom. If you want…

family portraits on a location of your choice

Family reunion portraits with Kon Studio

Anytime you can get your family together is a perfect time to call us to come out and create for your family. We have the correct professional lighting, equipment, posing techniques and post editing to make your perfect portrait. For some families that are spread all over the world, this might be a once in…

Family Reunion Picture

What better time to have images created than at a family Reunion.  It’s extra special when you are celebrating a 50th Anniversary. Congratulations to the happy couple. You are an inspiration to your family and all who know you!


Apopka High School Senior

Beach–check Lighting–perfect Pose–fantastic F Stop and Shutter–right on Having a High School Senior that could model in a heartbeat–Priceless. Thank you Leah for having so much fun with us at your senior session. We can’t wait until you see the rest of your images


Apopka Blue Darter Softball

We had an amazing Senior Session with Emily.  Emily is a 2015 Senior from Apopka High. I could not put the camera down! Thanks Emily for having so much fun while allowing us to creating beautiful and really cool images of you. We can’t wait until you see the rest of them. You will be…

Miss Apopka 2014

We would love to congratulate  Miss Apopka 2014 ! Her name is Amanda. If you get a chance, please try to meet her at an Apopka event. She is beautiful inside and outside. Amanda has a heart of gold and is just plain fun to be around! Thanks Amanda for making your modeling/pageant photo shoot…